County Profile

The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG) offer businesses easy access to the most lucrative markets in the world, established distribution channels, efficient suppliers, investment ready real estate, and one of the lowest cost locations in North America.

General Information


SDG is part of the Quebec City-Windsor mega-region that is home to more than 20 million people and over half a trillion dollars in annual economic output. SDG also abuts an even larger mega-region: from Montreal through Boston, New York, and Washington there are more than 50 million people generating more than $2 trillion in economic activity. SDG sits on a major distribution hub including Highways 401, 416 and 417, the CNR main line, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and international border crossings.

Key Sectors

SDG has documented strengths in manufacturing and technology, food and beverage processing,bio-products manufacturing, and distribution and warehousing. Serviced land in zoned industrial parks starts at $5,000 per acre.

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Major Employers

“Ross Video's growth and success on the global stage demonstrates that a company based in SDG can not only compete, but can win in the global economy.” – David Ross, President and CEO, Ross Video

Employer # of Employees Products
Winchester District Memorial Hospital 476 Community hospital
Alexandria Moulding 400 Wood moulding
Beaver's Dental 300 Dental burrs
Kraft Canada 200 Cheese
Guildcrest Homes 200 Module homes
Farley Windows 195 Windows

Other major employers include Ross Video (electronic switchers), Alltech Biotechnology (organic mineral supplements), Natunola Health (shelled flax), and MB Foster and Associates (data migration).

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Demographics (2011 Census)

(The following is regional data which includes Cornwall and Akwesasne) 

Statistic Data



Total private dwellings


University certificate, diploma or degree at bachelor level or above 

Unemployment rate ~5 %

Average family income ($) 
(total population 15 years and over)

Knowledge of French and English 42,360

Statistics Canada. 2012. Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, Ontario (Code 3501) and Ontario (Code 35) (table). Census Profile. 2011 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-316-XWE. Ottawa. Released October 24, 2012.
(accessed July 3, 2015). 

Living and Working

Situated on the St. Lawrence River, SDG is home to beautiful beaches, marinas, walking trails, and provincial parkland. Upper Canada Village is a major tourist attraction, as are festivals such as the Glengarry Highland Games and Lift-Off. Golf courses abound. SDG has a fascinating history influenced by both French and English and is home to a number of significant heritage buildings and historic sites.

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