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There is a lot happening in SDG that makes it an ideal place to do business, such as:

  • Like lower business taxes - take a look
  • Low Hydro costs - take a look
  • Location, so close to the Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and New York State
  • It's a great place to live

The United Counties of SD&G is made up of 6 counties that share similarities but also have unique characteristics that set them, and the communities within them, apart from one another.  Together the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry offer businesses easy access to the most lucrative markets in the world, established distribution channels, efficient suppliers, investment ready real estate, and one of the lowest cost locations in North America.

Visit our SD&G County, Township and Municipal Profiles

  1. North Dundas
  2. South Dundas
  3. North Stormont
  4. South Stormont
  5. North Glengarry
  6. South Glengarry
  7. United Counties of SDG

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