SDG Farmers Markets


Chartrand Your Independent Grocer, Alexandria

May 27th – October 7th

Saturdays 8:30AM – 1PM


Chesterville Waterfront

May 20th – October 7th

Saturdays 9AM – 2PM


Iroquois Shopping Plaza

May 13th – October 7th

Saturdays – 8AM – 12PM

Long Sault

Long Sault Plaza

June 2nd – October 6th

Fridays 2PM – 6PM


The Martintown Mill

June 25th – September 24th

Sundays 9AM – 4PM


4 Main Street (King George Park)

May 19th – October 6th  

Fridays 2PM – 6PM


34 Ottawa Street

Fridays 12PM – 4PM

The Community Market

16133 County Road 36, Long Sault

7 days a week 10:00 AM - 5PM

The Community Farmer's Market

Thursdays 2PM - 6PM

Winchester Sunday Market

Sweet Corner Park (corner of Main and St. Lawrence)

May 21st – October 1st

Sundays from 4PM – 8PM